The Indie Holy Trinity: The Haim Sisters

Words by Katy Szendrey

This past week I had the pleasure of seeing HAIM since I first saw them in the tiny town of Guthrie, Oklahoma in 2013. Not only was this the first time I had seen them in three years but I also saw them three times in one week. Seeing them three years ago when they were one of the opening acts for Mumford and Sons, to seeing them this past week, it is obvious how much they have developed as not only a band but also as kick-ass female rockstar icons.

Courtesy of the Austin-American Statesman

Courtesy of the Austin-American Statesman

I’ll start with Alana Haim, better known as “Baby Haim,” since she is the youngest of the trio.

Each show, she had a similar style. T-Shirt/Tank top, cut off denim shorts and black boots. She has a stage presence that is magnetic. You could tell she was so into the music they were playing. She was always grooving to the beat and would smile towards the audience this huge cheesy grin that just let you knew she was loving every second of performing. I feel like the anthem that plays in her mind on repeat is “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper. She is the youngest so she does not have to deal with responsibilities just yet. Well, technically none of them do because they are successful musicians living life on tour but traditionally the youngest has the freedom to be a little reckless in the regular world, but in the rockstar world, they probably all get that luxury. And, everyone who isn’t a rockstar is totally and completely jealous.

Next, the middle sister, Danielle Haim. She is lead vocals on the majority of their songs, and kind of has this motherly aura about her. If I did not know their ages, I would have guessed that she is the oldest since she seems so wise and knowledgeable. You can see how mature she is just from her stage presence. I feel like I want to sit down and let her teach me all of her life lessons. Her style also reflects her sophisticated essence. At the first show, she graced us with a sleek all black outfit, including these flare dress pants that combined a retro and elegant look. She has this look like she knows exactly what she is doing, and how to perform, even though their band is relatively new. You can see the sheer passion she has for her music in her facial expressions when performing.

Finally, my personal favorite, and the oldest Haim sister Este. This lady is actual human goals. She has an incredibly unique stage presence that is apparent from her iconic “bass face.” None of my blurry iPhone pictures will do it justice so I will try to describe it the best I can. It resembles what face you would make if you opened up your favorite celebrity’s dirty laundry basket. It Is disgusting and nasty, but you are still into it. Her face looks as if she has been visually assaulted by something and is appalled, but her grooving head bobs let you know that it’s all good. Style wise, she is the outlier of the group. Somehow Alana and Danielle are always coordinated in their outfits with black and white classics but Este always adds that pop of color. Each time she was wearing something a little different than her sisters, and always with classic bright red lipstick.

Ultimately, their different styles are so distinct, but that is what makes their band so great. They may have the same genes, but they are definitely not the same. A lot of bands have the same aesthetics even as individual members, but that is what makes their brand. You know who each individual sister is, you can’t really get them mixed up, but together, you know they’re HAIM.