St. Lucia's Energetic ACL

Words by Ari Gonzalez

Austin City Limits is always one of the local events I look forward to every year. I am that person that sets an alarm to wake up right when the lineup goes up so that I know whether or not it is worth it to go. When I saw that St. Lucia was on the weekend one lineup, I lost my shit, to say the least. St. Lucia is a band that I have loved for so long and have been dying to see perform live, but for some reason, they never come to Texas, so I was very glad to see them in the lineup. This year, however, I hesitated on buying the three-day pass as soon as they went on sale. As luck would have it, the three-day passes sold out in record time. Later, I talked myself into buying three single day passes because of my determination to finally see St. Lucia perform live. Clearly, St. Lucia was one of the bands I was most excited to see this year, and I am so happy to say that they did not disappoint.

St. Lucia was the first band that I saw, and they definitely had one of the best sets of the weekend. Not only is their music super fun and energetic, but so is the band. The band’s stage presence and interaction with the crowd made the show so fun. At one point during their set, Jean-Philip Grobler, the lead singer of the band, got off the stage and sang in the middle of the crowd. It was insane and I loved how much he actually interacted with his fans. While he was in the middle of the crowd he even stopped and sang with a girl that was snapchatting him. My favorite part of a concert is when the band actually acknowledges and interacts with the crowd, so I really appreciated that they went above and beyond to make it as fun as possible.

Another aspect of their performance I loved was their stage set up. It had a trendy Target home decor aisle vibe and I was LIVING for it. They had a black marble backdrop, gold geometric diamond shapes behind the drummer and the synth player, and succulents in gold pots all over the stage. It was so aesthetically pleasing; I was obsessed. Maybe it’s just the basic Target lover within me, but I loved how much effort and thought went into designing their set up.

Overall St. Lucia had one of my favorite shows of the weekend, and I am so glad I finally got the opportunity to see them! Although ACL is physically exhausting, it’s watching bands like St. Lucia that makes going to ACL worth it, and what makes me want to go back every year.