Pre-Sound on Sound Hype

Words by Daniel Collins


In about two weeks, I will be embarking on the oh-so-well hyped and brand spanking new Sound on Sound festival. While this fest seems to be the replacement of the late Fun Fun Fun Fest, its delicious display in entertainment is truly too good to ignore. And that is my starting beef with it, literally TOO GOOD to ignore. As if we (our fellow youths) were not already stricken with minimal funds that come with being youths, Margin Walker had to go and dump this awesome load like an emotional necessity. The versatility of the fest is truly admirable, from the dreamy wooshy-ness of Beach House, to the funkadelic synth music of STRFKR, Sound on Sound has a lil sumthin’ for literally everyone. Death Grips is headlining but probably won’t show, Purity Ring is gonna make everybody cry, and the Dillinger Escape Plan will hopefully burn Sherwood to the ground. These are just a few predictions pre-fest but i d k how they’ll truly turn out.

OKAY but what I am truly going to be looking for with this festival is the community. If other goers are going to be like the masses of ACL then count my tiny white ass out. Festivals such as Kerrville Folk Fest, Art Outside, and Head for the Hills all embody the type of attitude while still promoting positivity in getting to know your other festival goer, so hopefully, this one will do the same. Call it gushy, but it is nice when everyone wants to get rekt and enjoy their time there together.

This relates back to my beef with Sound on Sound in regards of Camping. Really, $90? And on top of that, they are prohibiting drum circles. Gut me right now. Why not milk away all the non-fest fun while you are at it. I understand that drum circles can “produce too much noise” during the night, but then they go and offer night concerts to those with camping passes? Still, an awesome addition which makes the 90$ worth it but it seems to segregate the Fest. I don’t know, it all just seems a little too partitioned. Nonetheless! The festival is looking to be utterly primo in the amazing variety of artists performing. Also everyone really should hop on all the ridiculous giveaways they’re handin out, it’s WACK.

Anyways, catch me at the festival trying to hold my life together with a camera that is too valuable to be in my possession.

I love you all.