Formation World Tour

Words by Ari Gonzalez

No blog can ever do justice to the greatness and beauty that is Beyoncé.

Everything she does is iconic, from the way she dresses, to her music, and her videos and visual albums. After Lemonade came out I listened to it nonstop for an entire month; to say the least, I was obsessed. When she announced her tour I was so excited but after I saw that she wasn’t going to come to the Austin area I kind of just gave up. Never would I have imagined that a few months later I would have the opportunity to see her live. However, a couple weeks before her concert in Houston my best friend found tickets, so out of impulse and with zero planning we bought our tickets and made our plans to go to Houston.

Courtesy of Vanity Fair

Courtesy of Vanity Fair

Beyoncé is truly the most angelic human that lives on this Earth and seeing her live truly exemplified that. Her show was the perfect combination of some of her greatest hits off her older albums and songs from Lemonade. I actually had chills the moment that Beyoncé started singing. It was so relieving knowing that the voice you actually hear on her albums is what she sounds like in real life. I also loved how just one person could connect so many people and bring them together. The stadium was completely full, and everyone around me was screaming the lyrics to songs like Formation, Love on Top, and Halo.

Besides having the voice of an angel, the visuals, costumes, and effects of the show were breathtaking. As a full-on theater nerd, I have always loved the technical aspects behind a show, and this concert was so visually appealing it was insane. Beyoncé used many clips from her visual album Lemonade and other incredible visuals to her performance. Her set up also included an area that they filled with water and there she performed two of my favorite songs: Freedom and Halo. I thought the way she incorporated the water performance in both of those songs was genius and such a great way to distinguish herself from other performers. Also, let’s not forget the costumes which were absolutely breathtaking. Each costume fit so well with the song that she sang and it was a small detail that I really appreciated. Overall, it was an aesthetically pleasing show.

One of the things I love most about Beyoncé is her ability to empower women and people of color. During her show, she made sure that she continued to empower women by spotlighting her drummer and guitarist, both who were women, as well as kick-ass musicians. She also had a special opener, besides Dj Khaled, who was a woman artist from the Houston area. She was such a humble person, it was so inspiring to see someone so famous still be so grounded and passionate about making a real change and making women feel proud to be who they are.

Overall, the Formation World Tour is an experience I will never forget. Everything about it, from Beyoncé herself, to the visuals, and the way she spotlighted talented women was absolutely phenomenal. It was definitely worth the three hour drive to Houston and the two hour ride back… and the sleep deprivation.