A Nostalgic Two Door Cinema Club Performance

Words by Kanya Maliwan

Courtesy of the Austin Chronicle

Courtesy of the Austin Chronicle

Out of the many great bands that I saw during Austin City Limits Festival weekend one, Two Door Cinema Club’s set is one that stands out. I had been really excited to see them because their set that weekend was the first time I got to see them live. Even though it was my first time seeing them, the show felt somewhat nostalgic because it took me back to my high school days when I first got into them. Their first album, Tourist History (2010) was significant to me and it is still one of those albums that I can go back to, and enjoy every track.

The band played a highly energetic set, performing songs both new and old, to an equally as hyped crowd. They started off their show with “Cigarettes In The Theatre” and continued on with a set list that featured songs off of every album, including their latest one titled Gameshow. Everyone in the crowd sang along to almost every song. Some of the highlights for me was when they played “Eat That Up, It’s Good for You,” because it is one of the favorite songs, “Next Year” and “I Can Talk”. The performance really turned into a dance party between the music, the stage visuals and lights, and the audience.

After the band left the stage, the crowd did not leave and chanted for more. TDCC came back out after a short break and finished off the show with an encore consisting of a few more songs. They ended their set with a great rendition of their most popular song “What You Know.” The crowd’s reception was incredible — the cheering when the set ended was probably as loud as the music and seemed to last forever. Two Door Cinema Club definitely left the crowd with “something good” (blah, corny).

You can now hear TDCC’s new album here !