Twin Peaks in ATX

Words by Alexa Boone

Courtesy of Spin

Courtesy of Spin

September 18th, 2015: Austin, TX – AKA the day when Twin Peaks previously played a show in our city at Mohawk Austin. I had been eagerly, thirstily, waiting to see this band live again. Seeing this garage rock band from Chicago live is addicting. Having gotten ahold of a ticket to Levitation Fest 2016 last April, I was beyond ecstatic to see these guys play in Austin again.


Tragically, Levitation Fest 2016 was cancelled due to inclement weather and the pop-up show Twin Peaks was playing sold out incredibly fast since last minute tickets were only $5. Believe me, I was on the ticket page hours before tickets went on sale. Even then, my browser was unable to live up to the task of quickly purchasing a TP ticket before they sold out.


September 20th, 2016: Austin, TX – the day that Twin Peaks dudes came to Austin once more, was a day I had been waiting for since this past summer when their tour was announced and the day finally came.

After not having seen them for a YEAR, and as expected of a true fan, I got to the venue early and loyally waited in line outside of Mohawk Austin. Doors were at 6:30pm, and the dudes played around 9pm.

When doors finally opened, I happily made my way to the front right corner of the venue facing the stage because that is exactly where the love of my life, Clay Frankel (guitarist and vocals for TP), stands during their shows. Excited as sh!t, and gleeful as could be, I waited patiently for the bands to come onstage.

The opening bands did their job of getting the audience even more hyped about being at the show. Modern Vices, a 5 guy act from also Chicago, played an incredible, small set of songs and got the ball rolling for the night with their melodic tunes.

Seeing White Reaper, a garage band from Kentucky, perform live was similar to drinking a RedBull and having it immediately hit your bloodstream, causing insane energy in the crowd.

One of the best parts about attending a Twin Peaks show is the energy in the crowd, and a lot of it can be attributed to their great opening bands like Modern Vices and White Reaper.

By the time the dudes hit the stage, the crowd at Mohawk was ready to go insane. Fans screaming lyrics (me), random people crowd surfing… the show was everything I was hoping it would be. The band played a killer set with a mix of songs from their three albums, Sunken, Wild Onion, and their latest, Down In Heaven.

During my favorite song of theirs, “Holding Roses,” I took it upon myself to buy them flowers like the crazed fan I am and throw them on the stage. It was pretty epic and a local band photographer, Pooneh Ghana, captured some great photos of them handling my roses.

Basically, it was a magical night, and totally worth the wait. I hope to see Twin Peaks dudes again soon, and you know they will be here again in March livin’ it up at SXSW.