Moon Taxi at Emo's

Words by Kanya Maliwan


It’s always fun getting an email hours before a show saying that you got approved for press coverage (aka free admittance). I had the privilege of seeing Moon Taxi with The Lonely Biscuits and The Vanity (Austin, TX) last Thursday at their sold-out show at Emo’s. I was actually the most excited to see The Lonely Biscuits because they have been high on my radar ever since they played St. Edward’s Hillfest my freshman year and ACL in 2014.

They are from Nashville, Tennessee and bring the gravy to every show. Even though they underwent a change last October when it was announced that former lead singer John Paterini was leaving the band, the energy of their live show was the same if not better. The played a mix of old and new songs, and sounded as good as ever. The ended the night with their single “Ma’am,” which premiered early last year and proved that this band is here to stay. With the addition of another live performer and with Grady Wenrich stepping up to do lead vocals, the Lonely Biscuits are continuing to carry on with coolness and enthusiasm.

Closing out the night was the headliner Moon Taxi, also from Nashville. Their energy, lights, and stage presence made for a great show. The kept the crowd engaged the entire time and moved through their setlist perfectly. Even though they performed some slower songs, the band kept the energy up because those songs would develop into something big that the crowd could rock out to. There was a point about halfway through the show where each band member was given a solo spotlight to showcase their instrument, and then all of the sounds came together and it felt like we were sitting in on a major jam session between the band. Overall, it was a great night of music at Emo’s and the applause from the crowd once the set was over affirms that.