Words by Alexa Boone


Last Friday at the Mohawk's indoor stage, SWMRS graced Austin, TX with their crazy performance. The band from Oakland, CA released their first full-length album only a few days before their show in Austin, giving their fans just enough time to listen to it on repeat before the concert.

The band consists of brothers Cole and Max Becker, Sebastian Mueller, and Joey Armstrong (son of Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day) as their drummer. With their crazy talents and intense energy, their show will blow your mind and make you radically doubt that most of them are only 20 years old. It's true. With X's on their hands and participating in the opening band's mosh pit, they blend in pretty well with their crowds consisting of 20-something-year-old punks.

Having performed at the Mohawk last September as the openers for Twin Peaks and Wavves, SWMRS was able to land a gig at the venue for their first headlining tour with The Frights. Being well-known for their song, "Miley," the band was able to play similarly wild songs off of their new album titled Drive North. Opening with a riotous song, "Harry Dean," they got the crowd of their sold out show absolutely riled up. Crowd surfing, stage diving, and head banging were constant throughout the show. The energy from both the band and the crowd was insane making the concert an unforgettable night.

Max Becker was hanging out with fans prior to the show, Cole Becker hung out in the crowd during The Frights’ set, and ultimately they seem like a bunch of totally humble and cool dudes. Being introduced to this band back in September, they have quickly become one of my favorites after releasing their album Drive North which is available on iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud. I’d absolutely recommend giving these guys a listen.