Nothing's "Vertigo Flowers"

Words by Josh Gibbs

There are tons of bands out there putting out great music. But few venture out to make great music with an essence of both danger and anxiety the way that Nothing has been doing since the band formed in 2011 by frontman Domenic “Nicky” Palmero. Nothing consists of Nicky (guitar and vocals), Kyle Kimball (drums), Nick Bassett (bass), and Brandon Setta (guitar and vocals).

Nicky has a bit of a past dealing with danger as he served two years in prison for aggravated assault prior to starting the band. After putting out their thundering debut EP, Downward Years To Come, the band signed to Relapse Records and released their critically acclaimed album, Guilty Of Everything, in 2014. The record placed high on music publications such as Noisey and Pitchfork’s Best Albums of 2014 lists, and received outstanding response, earning them a close, hungry following.

Their mix of shoegaze, garage rock, and punk sound translates well as nostalgic 90’s inspired music. The band saw tons of success following the release of Guilty of Everything, touring around the world with bands such as Torche, Whirr (Nick Bassett’s other shoegaze band), Touche Amore, and even playing a show in LA with Trinidad James as an opener. They later released a v12” split with Whirr through Run For Cover Records featuring new material to show the world that their sound was only moving forward and becoming more defined. In 2015, the band got caught up in the controversial Martin Shkreli situation through dramatically breaking off their relationship with Collect Records, who they had recently signed to. The reasoning behind that decision was based off of information that surfaced that Shkreli was one of the primary investors in Collect Records. Since the start of 2016, the band has been teasing the release of their second full-length album, Tired of Tomorrow, by sending cryptic messages through their very active and hilarious Twitter presence. On February 23, they announced that the album would be released May 13, 2016 (notably Friday the 13th, in true Nothing fashion) and released their first overdriven-yet-heartfelt single “Vertigo Flowers."