Best Coast 2016 Tour

Words by John Griffin

I was only a freshman in high school when Best Coast released their debut LP, Crazy For You. Thanks to the exposure from my older sister, I quickly fell in love with the band as well as its front woman, Bethany Cosentino.  For a 14-year-old John, the music was groundbreaking; the music was catchy, relatable, and essentially embodied the angst I felt as a young teen (which I later expressed through the musings of pop-punk, but we won’t get into that).

Courtesy of the artist

Courtesy of the artist

Though I’m no longer a teen, I was recently able to fulfill my long awaited dream of seeing Best Coast in concert at Stubb’s, Austin’s famous outdoor venue. They’re currently co-headlining a tour with close affiliates Wavves and Cherry Glazerr. Being a fan of all three bands, I had high expectations and they were quickly met from the start. Cherry Glazerr opened with a fan favorite, “Had Ten Dollaz,” which immediately injected the crowd with energy. The band’s energetic garage-rock sound kept the crowd engaged for an opening act. I was even fortunate to meet and talk to Clem, the lead singer, for a couple minutes after their set. We took a picture together and I asked her details about the band’s new record coming out this year. She wasn’t able to tell me many details, but she told me (very low-key) that it should be out in May, so mark those calendars Glazerr fans.

The next band to play was Best Coast, and my fanboy meter started to go off the charts. The band slowly took the stage one-by-one, leading up to the entrance of my love, Bethany. The crowd went wild as she took the stage and told us, “It’s great to be back in Austin.” The set was a perfect mix of old hits like “Boyfriend,” “When the Sun Goes Down,” and “When I’m with You” and new singles including “Feeling Ok” and “Heaven Sent.” Let me tell you: for a band with a pop sound, the crowd was wild. I think everyone got to hear what they loved from the band for years, songs that are catchy, fun, and easy to sing-along to. Bethany owned the stage in every aspect; from her presence, outfit, and voice, she was basically the indie Beyoncé. As their set was finishing, she mentioned how grateful she was to be on tour with Wavves once again, and casually dropped the fact that the Wavves lead singer, Nathan, and her were officially dating after years of being under the surface about it.

By the end of Best Coast’s set, I was DRAINED and had to fall back in the crowd for Wavves. They played several debut live performances from their latest projects, “V” and “No Life for Me.” My energy may have been low, but the crowd welcomed the new songs with almost nonstop crowdsurfing and moshing. The highlight of the show was when the band brought out inflatable aliens for the crowd to bounce around, and closing the set with their number one song, “King of the Beach.”

Meeting Bethany and/or Nathan that night would’ve been a dream come true, but unfortunately they’re both a bit shy about meeting fans. Nevertheless, this show was pretty much everything I hoped for. I got to meet Bethany’s close friend and lead guitarist, Bob, and even got a station ID from Cherry Glazerr! I recommend seeing any one of these bands live, because they’re great people and equally as great musicians.