Goat Fest Lineup: TC Superstar (4:30pm)

Words by / Kristen Chambers


TC Superstar is the most fun show I’ve seen in Austin. Every time, hands down. A couple members of the band serve the purpose of being a dancer, no instruments involved. This unique set-up for a local band, having dancers contribute equally to the performance and concept, reflects in the audience’s energy. People DANCE at TC shows. They get down. There’s something encouraging and welcoming about watching the members of the band dance with so much unapologetic passion. I grew up dancing, so I might be biased, but I’m pretty sure that I’m not. TC is just that fun. The crowd becomes immersed in TC’s 80s-reminiscent synth-pop full-fledged performance, and can’t help but join in on the dancing. Their very simplistic costumes, usually teal, white, or black cotton athleisure, make the band look like an American Apparel ad, but in the best way that could possibly mean. (I’m not supporting American Apparel, I am just trying to say they look really cool and minimalist. They have a brand. That’s all. Moving on.) Their simple outfits allow you to focus on everything else that’s actually important- the music, the dancing, and the energy that forces the band towards success.

To be honest, I did fall in love with the band’s performance before I fell head-over-heels for their music. The performance caught me in the TC trap of awesome, quirky synth-pop. I love 80s bops, so TC quickly became a staple on my 2018 summer playlist. The music is also unapologetic, touching on fragile subjects like masculinity (hint: their first album is literally named Masc) and fully committing to the almost-cheesy but so frickin’ good 80s synth-pop sound.

TC Superstar is a one-of-a-kind performance that is sure to be fun, with band members that are not afraid to step outside the box and create an environment that inspires people to dance and be themselves. They’ll be at Goat Fest this Friday as our headliner, so be sure to get down with Topper Radio and TC Superstar at the Highball!