Goat Fest Lineup: Vonne (1:35pm)

Words by / Henry Anthony-DuScheid

What I like the most of Vonne’s Foreign Affairs EP is the emotional caliber of the relationships she’s had and continues to want, searching out who it is through the 7 songs. What I like about her the most is the way she unapologetically bets on herself—with a humble aspiration to earn what she feels she deserves.

The songs range from upbeat electronic pop to down tempo ambient love songs that pull heartstrings. There is something down to earth and practical to her lyrics. The song Da Ooh, has a lot of uplifting sing-along moments with plenty of ahs and ohs to get caught in your eardrums….and stuff like, “I bet your lips taste like summer, kiss me out of this blizzard.” If this cold weather got me thinking about anything it is definitely summer warmth and cool kisses. Feels like having a heart to hear with Vonne talking about these intimacies and uncertainty of a past relationship and how it’s making her reflect about where she is at now.

On her single, Doctor (B-sides), Vonne is “checking up with you” because she’s been feeling you close in her bones. Minimal vocals enthrall heartfelt long time lovers that find themselves separated from that feeling that gave them a different perspective in the first place. The beat is lush with space for thoughtful string picks, warm ambient synths with ghostly vocal swells, and unsettling patterns of loose drums that construct a complicated relationship of time between disconnected people. If there’s a way to sing about how you once thought and cared about a person that you we’re close to, Doctor is a tonic for those moments of ruminations.

She will be performing her new song “Anew,” with a music video directed by David Edem to be released later this year. Vonne has traditionally used her Ukulele and has been practicing guitar to play new songs.

Topper Radio couldn’t be more excited to have Vonne perform for y’all at Goat Fest this year! She’s playing early in the day, around 1:30 so come through and vibe at Highball on South Lamar (it’s the Alamo drafthouse btw). Free all day!!