Memento Mori

Words by Martha Jamail

Memento Mori, or “Remember Death” is a subtle, but deeply significant symbol of the inevitability of death. Examples of this artistic theme can be seen in the over-ripe fruits and insects in a Dutch still life scene, Victorian lockets with miniatures and hair of a deceased loved one, sugar skulls, and bone relics among many other incarnations. Memento Mori interrupts our daily life and sense of personal significance to humble us, and remind us of the promise of death over all. With the changing seasons, and the promise of spring and new life around the corner, I made this short playlist to be a reminder of loss, mourning, funerals, and the worms and bugs that bring with decay and rotting as a musical Memento Mori.

Rachel Ruysch, Flowers, Fruits, and Insects, (1716): oil on canvas.

Rachel Ruysch, Flowers, Fruits, and Insects, (1716): oil on canvas.


I Lost Something in the Hills / Sibylle Baier

Farmer in the City / Scott Walker

Phantasmagoria in Two / Tim Buckley

In Power We Entrust the Love Advocated / Dead Can Dance

Maggot Brain / Funkadelic

Whale and Wasp / Alice in Chains

Song to the Siren / This Mortal Coil

Evening of Light / Nico

Annie’s Box (Alternate Vocal) / The Knife