Words by Kerry McGillicuddy

Courtesy of Swell Tone

Courtesy of Swell Tone

Hannah Read, more commonly known as Lomelda, is a soft indie singer/songwriter whose timeless and vulnerable sound could captivate any audience. Lomelda’s music poetically speaks to the beauty of the small things; her mesmerizing voice, effortlessly getting her listeners to view the mundaneness of the world with a more magical approach.

In her most recent project, Thx, Read sings about her experience with traveling, conveying her thoughts about how she has always felt connected to the idea of elsewhere. Most of the songs on her album speak about the issues of distance and heartbreak, delving further into the different ways in which space can divide people both physically and emotionally. Through her music, Lomelda wishes for people to experience a sense of connectedness, finding a home in her enchanting lyrics. One of the most intriguing aspects of Lomelda’s music is the sense of intimacy and the level of power with which she backs every lyric. Her open hearted and raw sound gives you the impression that you are experiencing her music live, and it nearly impossible not to fall in love her unique voice.

Lomelda has been recognized as one of Austin’s 100 artists to watch during SXSW and will be also playing shows at the Mohawk, Barracuda, and Cheer Up Charlies following her appearance at St Edwards. If you love whimsical music, make sure not to miss out on the opportunity to see this up and coming artist, as she will be joining us at Goat Fest III, on Friday, March 9th, performing on Dujaree Lawn at 9:00 pm.