GOATFEST III 2018 Lineup

Words by Grayson DeChant

Come one, come all! GOAT Fest is returning for it's third year to bring you the best bands from near and far! We'll be showcasing musicians, as well as local artists all day Friday, March 9th on St. Edward's campus.

Performing on Ragsdale Lawn:

goat fest iii.jpg

2:00pm-The Gnomads

2:50-El Nuh




5:45- Jicky

Performing on Dujaree Lawn:

6:20pm-Abhi the Gnomad

7:10-The Zoltars





All of the musicians have been selected by our Topper Radio team members as our favorite up-and-coming acts. We have a variety of artists playing, from hip hop artists/rappers, alternative indie groups, and emo/punk bands. Check out each of the musicians below!

OKIR is a hip hop artist and rapper from Detriot, MI.

OLASEGUN is a hip hop artist and rapper.

LOMELDA is an alternative indie rocker from Silsbee, TX.

GLAZE is an alternative rock band from ATX.

THE ZOLTARS are an indie garage rock band from ATX.

ABHI THE NOMAD is a hip hop/indie pop rapper from ATX.

JICKY is a pop punk band from ATX.

VACATIONS is an alternative indie band visiting us all the way from Australia!

M-CUBED is an electronic/experimental hip hop artist from ATX.

BOYD is an emo alternative rock band from ATX.

ELNUH is a alternative band from San Antonio, TX.

THE GNOMADS are a garage punk band from ATX.

We hope you can join us and help make GOAT Fest III the best GOAT Fest yet! Hope to see you there! Keep on rockin'.