SXSW Gaming 2017

Words by Joseph Santi

It is here once again, SXSW. This will be my fourth year covering its Gaming Expo for Topper Radio and the third year I have done so in an official press capacity. Each year, more and more content is added to the mix: from panels and tournaments to meet-ups and award shows. This year is no different.


The Opening Party for SXSW Gaming kicked off the event. Two prime highlights of the party were the cosplay contest and a music performance by Powerglove. As a whole, this party seems to be a great way to start off the Gaming Expo and I know that I had a lot of fun there meeting people and listening to good music.

Besides all the panels that are normally held, this year was the first year that the expo scheduled Meet Up events that do what’s in the title. These have been great networking and information driven events. In past years, I have gone to events that were part of the Interactive track of SXSW, like the Podcasters Meet Up. At that event, I met a lot of people that had very interesting shows and shared tips on how I could better improve the quality of my own broadcasts.

The last two events of the expo as a whole SXSW Gaming Awards and the SXSW Closing party will run one after another this Saturday as an epic end to three days focused on gaming. In regards to the award show, there are 23 unique categories with 100 nominees in total, hosted by Xavier Woods and Sonja “OMGitsfirefoxx” Reid. The Closing party that starts right after was put on by Monster Energy, which has lined up musical performances from Alan Walker, Luca Lush, and Feature Cuts.

Well, that’s my broad overview of some of the key events to look forward to during SXSW Gaming this year. There will be more events to come after this week so stay tuned to Topper Radio.

SXSW is over and there is so much that I will be talking about soon on my show but I want to highlight a fan creation that was nominated for the SXSW Gaming Awards. Fallout Revelation by Mechanical Cake TV is a live action fan series created in the world of the Fallout video games franchise. The overall quality of the show was amazing and felt like something that I would watch on television. The team behind it is planning on having it as a five-part series, with the pilot episode available here on their YouTube channel. Now, I do not want to spoil too much about the show but here is their plot synopsis to get you all intrigued.

“A strange object with unknown purpose is found in the wasteland that both the Enclave and the Institute are willing to kill for. When the object ends up in the hands of unsuspecting vault dweller, Aldous Mercury, it sets him on a perilous journey that will unravel a dark conspiracy and uncover an even darker truth.”

If that does not sound like an actual mission, DLC, or a plot of a mainline game in the franchise, I do not know what does. Two aspects that blew me away were all the props and costumes they made and some of the camera shots they used. All of the props and costumes seem as though they were lifted straight out of the games as real tangible versions of what I experienced in Fallout 3. Everything that was not directly from the games was designed in such a way that felt like it fit into the overall decor and function of the world. Throughout the pilot there are a great deal of amazing shots and camera angles that help to convey the feeling and environment of the scene to the viewer. One of my favorites is in the Fallout shelter, and while I am not claustrophobic, I felt exactly how small this shelter, that houses one of the last remnants of humanity, is.

If you enjoy Mechanical Cake TV’s work, please support their Kickstarter. The pilot was fantastic and I really hope to see the story that this team has in store to tell.