Review: Iglooghost's "Neo Wax Bloom"

Words by Henry Anthony-DuScheid


My feet are still tapping. Grin on my face. Iglooghost has challenged my feelings about Drum and Bass, or just rave music... in a beautiful way. The way his symmetrical style flows between tones and uplifting samples makes for a technically sound ride through wonderlands of colorful shapes. Honestly made me think of Froopy Land from the new Rick and Morty Episode! Or like Dr. Seuss on acid.

A lot of influences are present throughout the album with auto tuned deep rap chops to chipmunk’d alien voices singing songs of their homelands in an unintelligible language; this blend of genres helps me to create my own narrative to the album. Each song frequently changes within itself, with the common theme being the entropy of virtual textures originating out of thin air.

Igloo provided an instruction manual for how to listen to this album on twitter.

It includes gems like: “Rehearse the spell: White Peach. Hot Gum. Chalk Grid. Mint Sun."