Manchester Orchestra & Foxing at Stubb's

Words by Grayson DeChant

I called into The Morning X with Jason and Deb a few weeks ago hoping to win tickets to see Manchester Orchestra and Foxing at Stubb’s on September 9th. I never actually expected someone to pick up the phone, let alone to win the tickets, but my lifetime of bad luck changed that day. I scored myself two free tickets to the show and I was pumped. After spending the next 3 weeks prepping for the show, the night finally came and I walked into Stubb’s to a packed house.

Due to my friend’s inability to be on time to anything, we ended up missing the opener, All Get Out. We made it just in time to see Foxing take the stage. Foxing is an emo indie/math rock band from St. Louis, Missouri. Their debut album under Triple Crown Records The Albatross reaks of the emo revival, and I love it.

Courtesy of Jenna Millon

Courtesy of Jenna Millon

The lead singer (and trumpet player!), Connor Murphy, sings about ex-lovers in a way that instills nostalgia and longing to be loved. Murphy’s strained voice gives off the impression of instability, but his vocal performance was impressive from the beginning of the first song to the end of the last. Hearing “The Medic” live was healing for me in a totally personal way.

“She says 'You don't love me you just love sex / But I can't wait around for something better than this / Because you're the best that I can do / And I wish I could leave you.'"

These lyrics still haunt me in a totally normal emo kid way.

Manchester Orchestra played a long headliner, filled mostly with songs from their newest album, A Black Mile to the Surface. Manchester Orchestra is an indie/alt. rock band from Atlanta, Georgia. Formed in 2004, Manchester Orchestra has emo roots, which are evident in their albums Cope and Simple Math. The rest of their albums, especially A Black Mile to the Surface, is influenced by their emo sound, but relies mostly on indie/alt. rock to appeal to a wider range of people. I guess it proves that no one can truly stay emo forever.

Manchester Orchestra is one of those bands that sounds exactly the same recorded and live. They have evolved to be one of the best rock bands of our generation by consistently producing music that not only reaches their listeners but stays relevant.