Inspiration via Blood Orange

Words by Jennifer Irving

Photo by Jennifer Irving

Photo by Jennifer Irving

It was the first day of the second annual Day For Night fest and it had been an unreasonably hot day in December, when I had the chance to see Devonté Hynes aka Blood Orange live. I had listened to the Palo Alto soundtrack that he composed spring of my sophomore year of high school and to about half of his most recent album, Freetown Sound, the day it came out. Other than that, however, I didn’t know too much about him or how much he really cared about his music.

The minute Dev Hynes and his two super-stylish background singers stepped on the stage, the entire crowd was mesmerized by his infectious dance moves and funk-inspired songs. Throughout the set I found myself feeling more and more like I was actually good friends with Dev himself because his lyrics are so personal and often detail his experience growing up black in the world today. By the end of the set, I became a huge Blood Orange Fan and did not even realize he had played a full 12-song, hour-long set until he thanked the audience and danced off stage. One of my favorite things about a really good concert is when I don’t even pay attention to the time because I’m so into the show, and that definitely rang true Saturday night.

The show he put on was one of the funkiest, boppiest, and jam-filled shows I had ever been to, and not only do I recommend trying to see him live should you have the opportunity, but I recommend going and listening to Freetown Sound, which is definitely one of the best albums to come out of 2016. Blood Orange has to be one of the most fun and genuine acts out there right now and definitely brought a breath of fresh air to my Day for Night experience.

Thank you Dev Hynes for your fashion sense, your tunes, your dance moves, and your existence.