Review: Maggie Rogers' "Now That The Light is Fading"

Words by Kanya Maliwan


Singer-songwriter Maggie Rogers (Brooklyn, New York) was a musician that I made sure to see during SXSW. I have been listening to her EP Now That The Light Is Fading religiously since it was released this past February. With only five tracks, the EP is short and sweet.

You have probably heard her hit single “Alaska,” which is known to have moved Pharrell Williams to tears. This almost happened to me during one particularly special moment when Rogers performed a rare acoustic rendition of this song at St. David’s Episcopal Church. Her soothing voice rang out through the quiet, packed church and was followed by a deafening applause at the end of the performance. It is truly a gift to be able to take an audience along on a journey through song, especially with so much else buzzing around.

Another highlight of Rogers’ live show for me was her cover of “Harvest Moon” by Neil Young. It only makes sense that she would incorporate some covers into her shows because five songs cannot fulfill a full set. I loved this cover because it was reminiscent of LCD Soundsystem: sad dance music. This cover fits well with Rogers’ original songs because it highlighted her ability to successfully mesh folky, singer-songwriter verses with danceable pop music. This is perhaps Maggie Rogers’ greatest strength because it is different and refreshing to hear. I am really glad that I got to see her perform in such an intimate setting because this girl is going places.