Review: Lane 8's "Little by Little"

Words by Henry Anthony-Duscheid

Lane 8 delivers perfect soundtrack for driving alone or celebrating together with new album Little by Little.


I’ve known Lane 8 from his remixes of Eric Pyrdz, Deadmau5, and RUFUS DU SOL’s Bloom from the original 10 minute ballad into a groovy ting. He consistently sees release on Above and Beyond’s label Anjunabeats. Here’s a link to his mix on the same imprint.

The structure of house music is somewhat of an understood commodity because of the 4/4 time signatures, floor kicks and open hi-hats, and pulsing keyboard notes. The main themes here are dance floors, shifting light beams, and people moving to the beat. Lane 8 is a known product when it comes to his musicality that mixes soft bass lines in with tantalizing synth arpeggios and chord progressions. He uses his full arsenal of concepts to bring his vision to us on Little by Little that is a journey into feel good dance rhythms; its core being a dynamic progressive house album.

The album is a great listen if you can go all the way through without stopping, a full 55 minutes over 10 songs. The whole album loops as the end of “No End in Sight / Outro” transitions into the first song “Daya.” Each song holds an important role in the album, so I’m going to focus on 3 pillars that I believe hold up the work as a whole. First, “Atlas” is the bubbly and cinematic moment that brings the listener into Lane 8’s world and establishes his ethos with faint flutters adding textures into the background. Each layer feels like it naturally passes into existence that allows the drums to keep the song moving forward effortlessly. The title track “Little by Little” is the anchor, taking its time to reach an ultimate destination, deliberately subtle while holding everything else around it steady.

Best times to listen to this album: Cleaning your room, writing a paper, running, quiet time to reflect on the people in our lives, or just for musical enjoyment. I love to listen in the mornings especially and I hope you dance too!