Alt. About It
Hosts: Alexa Boone and Katy Szendrey
2 girls, 1 love: music of the alternative/indie genre. Join us as we talk music, concerts, school and life in general! We goof off every Thursday night at 10pm, so catch us on air, at the Village where we are RAs, around Austin probably petting dogs, or at most local shows!
Radio Fission
Hosts: Martha Jamail
In a time of social upheaval and the imposing threat of a new breed of weaponry and warfare, music became an outlet for dark visions of the future and fringe philosophies. Rock, Punk, Post Punk, and New Wave as well as history and analysis of the Cold War with host and moonlighting doomsday prophet Martha Jamail.
The SoCo Collective
Hosts: John Griffin and Josh Gibbs
John and Josh host the SoCo Collective, bringing listeners the latest alternative and underground music, along with commentary on the state of the underground music scene, including new releases, upcoming ATX shows, and the hottest music news.
Hosts: Brooke Herschbach and Mari Vidrio
Life happens and we’re here to talk about every aspect of it. From relationships to the actual meaning of life itself, we relate to each other through personal experiences. Depending on the topic and/or mood we tackle that week, we will play “the soundtrack to our lives.”
Hill Country
Hosts: William Milawski
I grew up listening to the twangy sounds of the south. I have always enjoyed country music and am ever so grateful for the opportunity to share my love of music with y’all. Expect a lot of newer country along with some of the older, beloved stuff done by Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, and Willie Nelson.
Stay Sweet
Hosts: Josh Fernandez
Stay Sweet aims to keep things sweet, with sweet beats, sweet grooves, sweet melodies, and an overall sweet experience every show, every song. The top priority is to deliver good vibes to the audience through playing a variety of music, from hip-hop/r&b to funk. Come discover with me and remember to make someone’s day and to stay sweet.
Keep Austin Wired
Hosts: Amantha Dikin
Keep Austin Wired is an eclectic collection of tunes hosted by Amantha Dikin. Curated with care, Keep Austin Wired is an ever changing playlist varying from folk, to 80's pop, to new wave chill. Listen in Mondays at 9pm.
Pants Optional
Hosts: Edeliz Perez and Kanya Maliwan
Sit back, relax, and take your pants off! Kanya and Edeliz feature the latest and greatest in indie and alternative jams for you to enjoy, as well as the occasional one-hit-wonder. We will discuss what is going on in pop culture, relevant news, and banter on what goes on in our mundane lives. Follow us on Twitter (@ugh_Pants) and like us on Facebook for updates, music news, and gifs.
Study and Destroy
Hosts: Alison Morales
All things collegiate and punk rock. Study and Destroy is a college radio show that discusses campus life, tours, new and local music. We love to discuss music news and current issues. There are also special guests from time to time.
Dazed and amused
Hosts: Brendon Hoeferkamp
A radio hour hosted by Brendon Hoeferkamp on Tuesdays @ 11PM CT highlighting the freshest and catchiest tracks of the independent music realm. Genres include: indiefolk, pop, electronic, hip-hop, and punk.
Songs From The Wired
Hosts: Jonathan Ricks
Songs from The Wired brings you the best music from the depths of The Wired that explores the human condition. Connect each week on Tuesday at 11pm CT for the best experimental, indie, and psychedelic music that The Wired has to offer.
Trash Radio
Hosts: Daniel Collins and Reilly Cardillo
If you like the feeling you get when you eat too many pizza rolls, then you'll enjoy stomaching this hour of our unfulfilled potentials. We'll be discussing the unpleasant minutia of our daily lives while switching off DJ duty. We'll provide you with a week’s worth of uncomfortable jokes and too much information ;)
World’s Strongest Boy
Hosts: Isaiah Hough
Ranging from old to new, World’s Strongest Boy, hosted by Isaiah Hough, is a show covered in fulfilling and uplifting content, both melody and voice. Sessions with special-guest will take place, including specific themes that will be present periodically that will brush multiple sounds from the world of music. Tune in to embark on the journey of the World’s Strongest Boy.
Space Jams
Hosts: Emily Crook
Space Jams is your weekly dose of tunes alternating between hit songs from the 90's to the early 2000's combined with rad tracks from up-and-coming indie artists that you may not know but will surely love. This show combines the throwback, nostalgia-inducing classic gems of our youth complemented by the introduction of groundbreaking, ethereal contemporary artists.
Don't Get Me Started
Hosts: Yasmeen Yahya and Zanira Ghulamhussain
Rocking curls who are passionate about social justice issues, stripes, and music. Catch us eating migas at Kerbey Lane starting beef with others. Be prepared to GET WRECKED. pow pow
Tickle My Snare
Hosts: Lauren Warner and Sean Burke
Steaming from the minds of Austin’s most unlikely protagonists and even more improbable show hosts, and created from the dark depths of St. Edwards dorms, arises Topper Radio’s most eccentric show: Tickle My Snare. If you dare to listen to Tickle My Snare, then you shall be brought into the void of everyday dorm life and the shenanigans of Sean Burke, Josh Jones, and Lauren Warner. Expect the unexpected, and also expect a night never dull.
Underground from the Hilltop
Hosts: Neal Whetstone
We want to give people a taste of what the “scene” is like not only on campus but also around the city of Austin. We’re looking for artists: DJ’s, emcees, painters, dancers, singers. If you have a talent and an art form, we want you on this show. We want to show off the beauty that is the hip hop culture and also embrace the empowerment of all types of music.
Hosts: Olivia Lara
Sleepover Radio is the place for sugar, spice, and everything nice. Host Olivia Lara will play you anything from the Spice Girls, songs from the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack, and that one Pharrell track that never fails to make you blush. Tune in on Friday nights at 9!
HP Lovecraft Live
Hosts: Joseph Santi
H.P. Lovecraft Live is an actual play radio show for the role playing game Call of Cthulhu by Chaosium Inc, as well as a variety of other RPG systems. The guest hosts will take on the role of investigators who have become entwined with the maddening truths of entities that are beyond the comprehension of the human mind.
Topper Talks
Hosts: Joseph Santi
The focus of the show will be video games, tech, movies, geek culture, and careers. On this show we discuss gaming news and award shows, new leaps in technology, and share our opinions on movies that we have seen. Our main highlight of the show are interviews with industry veterans ranging from storyboard artists to video game designers and much more.
Third Coast Radio
Hosts: Melody Swope
You know that Onion article titled “Cool Dad Raising Daughter On Media That Will Put Her Entirely Out Of Touch With Her Generation”? Yeah, that was written about Melody Swope and her dad, except she didn’t mind it. This radio show reflects on the music she was exposed to growing up in Nashville, TN as well as the music she has come to love through her years in Austin.
Foreign Policy
Hosts: Katie VonDrehle and Moose Lamin
Foreign Policy is a new show that will give you a taste of music from all around the world, because why not play songs that we may not be able to pronounce? From French pop to Russian rap, we have the whole world at our fingertips and we want to share it with you.