Nailbiter by Looming, an undoubtedly emo experience
  Blog  /    May, 03 2017 

Of all the new bands I caught at SXSW this year, Looming is definitely one of my favorites. Straight out of Springfield, Illinois, this alternative indie-rock band combines punk and emo sounds in their debut LP Nailbiter to create an eclectic experience for the listener. The lead singer, Jessica Knight, has a unique singing style which adds to the band’s overall emo feeling. The songs on Nailbiter focus on themes of positive change, finding oneself, and moving on from past or bad relationships, which allow the listener to really connect with the music.

The combination of punk, indie, and grunge makes for a great album that flows well from beginning to end. The album begins with “Intro,” an instrumental song that has an aggressive, grunge feel, which perfectly leads into the following song “Cotton Tongue.” As the album progresses, the aggressive tone shifts to a more indie-emo vibe. The album ends with “Nailbiter”, a feel-good song that reassures the listener that everything will end up all right. This song is the perfect ending to an album that provides a variety of sounds for a variety of listeners.

Songs to Check out:



“Linear Lines”


By: Grace DeChant