Everything You Need to Know About Gucci Mane's Christmas Album, The Return of East Atlanta Santa

If one were to think about who some of the hottest rappers in the game right now are, Gucci Mane would probably be someone who comes to mind. After his release in May, Gucci has been releasing new projects non-stop. He released the album Everyone’s Looking in July, released a second album Woptober in October, has been featured in a handful of singles, and released a handful of singles on his own.

Gucci has been making some big waves in the rap game and is about to create a tsunami. Gucci’s upcoming project, The Return of East Atlanta Santa, released in early December, is Christmas inspired.

The first song, “St. Brick Intro,” produced by Zaytoven, will bring back some Christmas memories as you listen to it. The song is a slight remix to “Jingle Bells” with a trap flow to it:

“I’m just trappin’ through the snow

Sellin’ nine half a bricks in four ways

Over the hills we go

Got an extendo and an AK.”

The song just makes me happy and, dare I say, gets me into the holiday spirit.

The next song, “Drove U Crazy,” produced by OZ, features new and up and coming artist Bryson Tiller, who has also been having some great music success. The two teamed up and made a smooth rap song about, you guessed it, driving someone crazy. It is an instant favorite for me and I will definitely be open to more collabs between the two.

“Tell ’em how crazy I drove you

Talk about how crazy you drove me

Talk about them favors you owe me”

The last song he released, “Stutter,” produced by Murda, is good ‘ole Gucci. This song falls very much into his old Gucci and is very reminiscent of the type of music he usually puts out. The topic of the song is also typical Gucci,

“I can’t even lie, that bitch so bad, lil mama so thick

The way she throw it back it’ll make you stutter when you hit.”

The flow is nice and fits in well with the other songs. These three tracks are fire and I am certainly ready for the rest of the album to be dropped. Definitely get your copy of The Return of East Atlanta Santa to get yourself into the Christmas spirit.

Brieanna Bowman