A Topper Radio Exclusive Interview with FOXTRAX
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Hey guys, it’s Katy with Topper Radio and I’m here with Jared, Ben and Jon from FOXTRAX. Where did you guys all get your start?

Ben: Jon and Jared are bros by blood, but also for fun. Jon and I went to high school together and we became a band in a very unorthodox way, we just went to a cabin in the woods of North Carolina for fun, we were terrible. When we left there we were slightly less terrible, but still mostly pretty bad. We somehow stuck with it for a couple months after that and people started to respond immediately to a lot of the songs we were writing and the energy we were bringing on stage and that was cool. We also kind of knew we had something good going. It’s been great.

Where are you guys originally from?

Ben: Oceanside, Long Island, New York.

What is your inspiration for your sound and how would you describe it?

Ben: I mean I would say that we’re an amalgamation of the rock and roll triage, but also a lot of soul, funk and blues. Jeff Buckley is a singer I love singing to. Have you ever seen The Last Waltz? It’s a movie about a band; Martin Scorsese directs it. There’s a weird scene in the movie where they ask, “Oh what do you guys play?” and he’s like “Oh a little bit of Blue Grass, a little bit of folk, little bit of funk, this, that, and the other.” The other guy replies “so what is that?” to which they reply “Rock & Roll,” and I agree with that.

How is the tour going so far?

Jon: It’s been amazing. Every city we’ve gone to the response has been really good. It’s amazing to be on tour with someone like Barns Courtney as well, another young artist I think we relate to each other a lot. We learn a lot from each other. It’s really great to see him as he is developing in his career as well. He’s been around more than us, he’s opened up for Ed Sheeran, he knows the ins and outs of touring, it’s great being with them because we’re able to learn a lot from them.

Ben: It’s so wild because we’re just starting, everything is kind of happening so quickly now. There was a period in our band’s career where everything happened really slowly. We would play a show and a couple people would talk about it, and maybe a month later we would play another with a little bit more people. Once you start touring, you see much bigger crowds. Things are starting to happen very fast, it’s very gratifying to play music and lay the groundwork and then actually start to see the fruits of your labor.

Jon: People in Dallas starting cheering for one of our songs, they heard us on Good Morning Dallas and that night people were chanting for “Underwater” which is a really cool experience because they know one of your songs and they’re all singing back the lyrics and it’s really cool going to a place you’ve never been and seeing something like that.

What’s your favorite and least favorite things about being on the road?

Ben: I think my favorite thing is Whole Foods Juices, they got a lot of nutrients which I dig about them. Whenever we’re going from one city to the next we’ll plug in along the route a Whole Foods and that’s how we get our nutrients throughout the day.

So I saw that you guys had a run in with a Bison, tell us about that experience.

Ben: Well we went to this preserve in Salt Lake City, and we saw a lone bison. So we pull over the car and go over, we walk up pretty slowly and it seems pretty chill at first, but these things are humongous, they’re giants. Jared the whole time was like “guys this thing feels threatened by us” but the rest of us were like, “No, it’s fine, Jared doesn’t know what he’s talking about!” Sam was doing social media stuff for us out in front with his Polaroid, ready to go and it just turns and looks at us and then it just starts sprinting at us. After it was over and I was no longer afraid for my life it turned out to be pretty hilarious.

What have you guys been doing in Texas so far and how do you like it?

Ben: It’s been a pretty amazing experience, it’s so different. We’re from the East Coast originally and now we live in LA. Both of those cities for how different they are on the whole pretty similar, the way people think, their mentality. People in Texas are almost from a different country, for us. Just the way they go about life is a slower pace, more laid back, everyone is really nice and considerate and it’s kinda nice.

Jared: I love Texas, there’s a different energy here and everyone is so hospitable. That’s one way to describe our experience so far: just how nice people have been to us and how welcoming and they’re just doing anything they can for us to have a good time and that means the world to us. You don’t get that in New York, you get something else, something that’s beautiful but you don’t get that Southern comfort.

Which place has been your favorite on tour so far?

Ben: Austin, *chuckles*. We’ve been to Austin before, we played SXSW so I have a special place in my heart for Austin. I’ve had some great experiences here, but if you exclude Austin, I would say that I loved Seattle. I’ve never been to the Pacific Northwest before this tour so it was kind of a cool experience. It’s always so sunny in LA and I don’t know if I would love to live in the gloom all the time but it was a nice change of pace to see the rain, clouds, and trees.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Jon: We actually gather around and have you ever seen “Rocket Power”? You know how they used to do the “woogitys”? We do our woogitys before every show.

Ben: We huddle up, say some inspirational words and then we just woogity it up and we’re out.

Do you guys have anything else you would want to say or for people to know?

Ben: We’re honored that Barns (Courtney) has asked us to come on the rest of the tour. We’ll do a little headline up to New York, record a new EP which we’re super excited about and then after that, we have about 10-15 dates with Barns around the rest of the country. It has been a crazy last minute, moving around, shifting of things but we’re excited, there’s good stuff to come.

Jon: We just released our really fun cover video. We are actually big fans of Harry Styles’ release ‘Sign of the Times’ but we wanted to take that and put our own FOXTRAX spin on it. We just released the Youtube video for “Sign of the Times” and we’re really proud of it, so if anyone out there wants to see a nice cover of that song, check it out.

This has been FOXTRAX, check them out and thanks for reading and be sure to listen to Topper Radio!


The Latest Music Releases in December 2016
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Looking for something to do over break? Need something to listen to when your parents are nagging you while you are home? Check out this list of new music all being released in the month of December. During the break challenge yourself to listen to new music; you never know what jewel you might uncover!

Dec 1
Run the Jewels
Legend Has It

In the Hours Beneath

Matt Woods
Ain’t No Use


Beans On Toast
A Spanner in the Works

Keith Rowe
The Room Extended

Taku Unami / Devin DiSanto

Dec 2
Childish Gambino
Awaken, My Love!

The Rolling Stones
Blue & Lonesome

John Legend
Darkness and Light

Kate Bush
Before the Dawn

Smoke DZA & Pete Rock
Don’t Smoke Rock

The Last Shadow Puppets
The Dream Synopsis EP

Peter Doherty
Hamburg Demonstrations

Mica Levi
Jackie OST


Various Artists
The Hamilton Mixtape

Ash Borer
The Irrepassable Gate

Telefon Tel Aviv
Fahrenheit Fair Enough [Reissue]

Caught In Still Life

Team Ghost
Team Ghost

Worm Ouroboros
What Graceless Dawn

Nothing Gives

Valere Aude

Nails & Full Of Hell

Soviet Soviet

Vol. 1

Kevin Krauter

Nicole Millar

Rashad Becker
Traditional Music of Notional Species Vol. II

The Trouble With Templeton
Someday, Buddy

Damien Jurado & Richard Swift
Other People’s Songs, Vol. 1

The State We’re In

Grace VanderWaal
Perfectly Imperfect

Car Seat Headrest
Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales


Fresh Jive

Marika Hackman

Star Slinger
We Could Be More

Clint Mansell
Black Mirror: San Junipero

I Like Trains
A Divorce Before Marriage

Imagine Dragons

Omar Rodríguez-López
Nom De Guerre Cabal

Hey Colossus
Dedicated to Uri Klangers

Public Service Broadcasting
Live at Brixton

The Flowers Of Hell
Symphony No. 1


Kane Brown
Kane Brown

Jolie Garce

David Bisbal
Hijos del mar

Living Body
Body is Working

Worst Case Scenario

Real Britannia

Kodie Shane
Zero Gravity



#9294: Collected Works 1992–1994

Richard H. Kirk
#7489: Collected Works 1974-1989

Jean-Michel Jarre
Oxygene 3


Tears Run Rings
In Surges

Hollow Earth
Dead Planet


Ember To Inferno: Ab Initio

El Hombre Trajeado
Fast Diagonal

Dec 5

Dec 6
Lil Yase
With That

Mad in the Cut 2

Dec 7

Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith
Night Hours


Thy Catafalque
Tűnő Idő Tárlat [Reissue]

Dec 9
J. Cole
4 Your Eyez Only

Do What Thou Wilt.

Post Malone

Neil Young
Peace Trail


Charles Hamilton
Hamilton, Charles

Peter Broderick

Tech N9ne
The Storm

Anthony Child
Electronic Recordings from Maui Jungle, Vol. 2

The Well-Intentioned Virus

Nude With Lyre

Jessy Lanza
Oh No No No

Future PEERS
Future PEERS

The Microphones
Early Tapes, 1996-1998

Fireplace: TheNotTheOtherSide

Old Gray
Slow Burn

Mano Brown
Boogie Naipe

Various Artists
Action Time Vision: A Story of UK Independent Punk 1976-1979

John Fatum
John Fatum

Marian Hill & Lauren Jauregui
Back to Me

Various Artists
La La Land (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Deniece Williams
Black Butterfly: The Essential Niecy

Holly Bowling
Better Left Unsung

CJ Fly

The Coral
Holy Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues

Modern Life

Raf Rundell
The Adventures of Selfie Boy, Pt. 1

Gnaw Their Tongues
Hymns for the Broken, Swollen And Silent


Love You to Death

Dec. 99th
December 99th

Is The Meat That Fell Out

The Colorist & Emilíana Torrini
The Colorist & Emilíana Torrini

Maria Taylor
In the Next Life

Live at Third Man Records

Nina Kraviz
Fabric 91

Those Who Fear
State of Mind

Les Autres

Bladee & Thaiboy Digital

Big Freedia
A Very Big Freedia Christmazz

Dec 10
Murda Beatz
Keep God First

Dec 12
Lost on You

Rosie Crow
Rosie Crow

Dec 13
Accursed Skin

Dec 15
Injury Reserve

De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Alive

Dec 16
Little Simz
Stillness in Wonderland

The Orchestra Of Syrian Musicians
Africa Express Presents… The Orchestra of Syrian Musicians & Guests

Aaron Rose

The Lox
Filthy America… It’s Beautiful


Gucci Mane
The Return of East Atlanta Santa

Omar Rodríguez-López
Some Need It Lonely

Kid Cudi
Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’

Dec 17
Tissø Lake
Paths to the Foss

Dec 18
Uranium Club
All of Them Naturals

Dec 24
Karpe Diem
Heisann Montebello

Dec 31
OG Maco
Children of the Rage

Iggy Azalea
Digital Distortion

Day For Night: A Butthole Surfers Experience
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After the tight set Unknown Mortal Orchestra gave, it was finally time to witness the infamous San Antonio punk band Butthole Surfers.

Now, let’s keep in mind these guys are going on before Travis Scott, so you have a huge mix of different people coming and trying to get a decent view for both sets. So there are people shoving and people faking their way to the front saying “I lost my keys,” but we all know they didn’t. People are packed like sardines and it is only the calm before the storm.

Butthole Surfers started about 20 minutes late, but with Day for Night going until 2 AM, it was no big deal. Gibby Haynes, Paul Leary, and King Coffey came to the stage and looked psyched to be up there. They started their set with “100 million people dead”, from there 2002 compilation album and then went into “hey” from their debut album Butthole Surfers.

After a couple of songs, Haynes brought his son out to play a song with them. It was heartwarming to see them having some fun on stage. Very punk rock.

When they played “Lady Sniff,” the crowd went crazy. Mosh pits on both sides of me and I was not safe… which was awesome! It was at that point where you could feel the tale of the Butthole Surfers come to life. Even though they did not have any cheeseburger filled mannequins, dye filled condoms, or any nudity it was the crowd that brought the punk energy, and you could tell they were feeling it.

“Lady Sniff” then transitioned into “Pepper” and the sing-along began. Now I’m not going to lie, I didn’t catch the transition until the chorus kicked in.

While performing, Haynes kept signaling to the sound guy to turn up his mic, but unfortunately, it never happened. Nevertheless, it was a great set. A lot of people seemed to enjoy all the feeling of nostalgia it gave them. Definitely a highlight from Day for Night.

Set list:
100 million people dead
Pittsburgh to Lebanon
Creep in the cellar
Dum Dum
Fast song
Grave yard
Some dispute over t-shirt sales
Goofy’s Concern
Lady Sniff/Pepper
Who was in my room last night
Gary Floyd
The Shah Sleeps in Lee Harvey’s grave
Lou Reed (Encore)

Mario Rodriguez

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It all started months ago, refreshing the screen. Eagerly waiting. Patiently waiting. Waiting for the little words ‘Purchase Tickets Now’ to pop up. I had revered the Lumineers for years, and to think they were finally coming to my city! The Lumineers are one of the unlikeliest success stories of the past few years. A scruffy independent Americana trio out of Denver, the Lumineers’ cellist joined the band after responding to a Craigslist ad. Their catchy anthem “Ho Hey” took the world by storm in 2012, followed by a second #1 single “Stubborn Love” and their third charting single “Submarines” lifting them to immediate and unprecedented stardom. Their much anticipated sophomore album, Cleopatra, was released earlier this year. Flash forward to September and I am in the middle of my first month back in school. It’s about the time where tests and due dates are coming up; It’s ugly. There are a lot of all-nighters. I am running on coffee and naps alone. It is easy to get caught up in the hectic day-to-day drudge, but knowing I had the Lumineers show to look forward to was getting me through that week.

Once I arrived at the venue, I knew it was going to be a special night. The Lumineers have such a raw, passionate sound so how could it not be as moving as their studio albums? Bands like the Lumineers usually don’t fill up amphitheaters like Austin360, so it was really something special to be with 13,000 other people to hear magic happen. To make the venue feel more intimate, the lead singer, Wesley Schultz, did something I have never seen in a live show. To make those on the lawn feel special, Wesley and his two other main band mates, Jeremiah Fraites (drums, piano) and Neyla Pekarek ( cellist and backing vocalist), walked through the general admission pit, up the stadium seats and sat on the lawn to perform two acoustic songs to everyone in the back. While I was front row in the General Admission pit, I know that everyone on the lawn felt just as special as I felt in the front which in turn made me even happier.

The whole band took it upon themselves to perform for us. While there was no elaborate light show or backup dancers, the performance was special nonetheless. With almost each song, Wesley added small anecdotes about what went into writing the song or what he feels when he sings it. It felt like the performance as a whole was between the band and I. I felt drawn to the band’s presence on stage, looking at each band member and how they looked and played as if they were one being. After the five-song encore, the whole band came together for a group hug and kissed each other on the check. They then went around and shook each other’s hands. It was humbling to be in the presence of such careful, beautiful artists who not only respected each other but respected us as an audience.

Amantha Dikin